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Top Home Winterization Tips

Posted on Jan 01, 2023

For many, the first snowfall of the year is a beautiful sight, for others, some serious consideration may go into packing up and moving down to sunny, warm Mexico. Either way, no matter how you feel about winter, it's much more enjoyable when your home is ready to take on the freezing cold temperatures. 

Here are my Top 7 ways you can winterize your...

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Fall Real Estate Myths

Posted on Dec 01, 2022

Ahhh there’s nothing like lounging on your deck, enjoying the long sun-soaked days of summer with a nice cold drink in your hand. Sadly, when summer fades into fall, the sounds of kids playing in the yard and those road hockey games in the neighbourhood street become just a memory. In their place, you may find your thoughts to be full of back to sc...

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Are you back to school ready?

Posted on Sep 01, 2022

As much as we don’t want it to end, summer is coming to an end. That inevitably means back to school time is here!!!!!! Yay right parents. Make your life just a little bit easier by getting prepped for the chaos of back to school now. Follow these tips to help ease back into the work routine and help your kids get excited about going back to class...

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Posted on Mar 31, 2022

Foreclosures are getting harder and harder to find, but we’re here to help you in your search. If you're in the market for a short sale, foreclosed or REO property, you need to read this article.

Words like court ordered sales and foreclosures conjure images of houses for cheap prices and amazing deals, but there’s a myth or two around these homes t...

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You just moved, but now you need to move again!

Posted on Jan 01, 2022

This actually happens all the time, you’ve purchased a home not long ago, things have changed and you now need sell the home. Selling a home after a shorter time frame has passed is not always the best idea and in flat or declining market, you may actually lose money. Keep in mind a few of these tips in mind if you're ever in this type of situation...

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Tips for dealing with Multiple Offers

Posted on Nov 20, 2020

Tips on Dealing with Multiple Offers

Multiple Offers. There is no two juicier words for a home seller, and today’s market may conjure up images of winning the lotto on your home by forcing buyers to face off against each other to “win” your home with the best offer. We’ve seen it up and down Vancouver Island, where homes routinely sell for thousands...

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