Fall Real Estate Myths

Ahhh there’s nothing like lounging on your deck, enjoying the long sun-soaked days of summer with a nice cold drink in your hand. Sadly, when summer fades into fall, the sounds of kids playing in the yard and those road hockey games in the neighbourhood street become just a memory. In their place, you may find your thoughts to be full of back to school shopping, ride sharing to sporting events, and re-organizing your fall clothing collection. Many sellers are faced with myths about selling in the fall real estate market. In an effort to bring you peace of mind, I’ve have put together some useful tips to help sell your home!

1.) Summer is Over, Why Bother with Curb Appeal?

It seems like summer comes to an abrupt halt, but that doesn’t mean the exterior of your beautiful home has to suffer. Ensure your fall curb appeal is tight and good looking. Make sure walkways and gutters are free of leaves and debris, and your lawn is mowed. With the unexpected weather brought on by the fall months, keeping your trees neatly trimmed will ensure fallen branches don’t make your yard appear untidy.

2.) People Spend More Time Indoors, Focus Your Attention There

          Just because fall doesn’t have the heat of the summer, doesn’t mean people stay inside. Lots of people enjoy spending time outdoors in the fall to enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves and the crisp fall weather has to offer. Why not attract potential buyers by making your house feel more like a home by celebrating the season with seasonal home décor around the holidays? Good idea, yes, I thought so!

3.) The Weather is Cold, is Your Home

          When summer eventually comes to an end, one of the first signs will be the plummeting temperatures outdoors. Even though it’s cooler outdoors, that doesn’t mean your home décor needs to reflect that. Why not consider a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a warmer shade? Don’t be afraid to bring the temperature up a couple degrees to make your guests feel comfortable. If you’re not into making a large change, a couple small additions like cozy pillows or throw blankets can go a long way to show comfort in the home during the colder months.

4.) The Price Doesn’t Need to be Exactly Right

         Pricing your home incorrectly is the biggest mistake you can make when selling in the fall. It’s important that I convey to you what’s happening in the market in addition to showing you how we can strategically position your home in the market to sell fast!

5.) Once It Sells, You’re Done!

         The papers are signed, the deal is done, so all you have to do is pack up and move, right? Not exactly! Everyone is very busy leading up to the holidays, which means you may have issues finding time to pack, a moving company to help you transition, or even trying to find family and friends to lend a helping hand. Plan ahead! Make sure your moving date is scheduled firm in everyone’s calendar. A stress-free will make a massive difference in the first few days in your new home.

If you or anyone you know is looking to make a move during the Fall/Winter months and would like to know where we could position a property in the market, feel free to contact me for a Free Home Valuation!